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Clown in Fire
Season 1
City Cooold City
District Amusement Park
Case Number #3
Partner(s) Amy Young
Frank Knight
Preceded by Succeeded by
The ABC1 Group The Killer Police

Clown in fire, it is the third case of the Amusement Park, and third in the Cooold City. The case marks the return of characters from the original game in both cities.

Case Background

In this case the famous game, detectives returned to the amusement park, and head for "Neddy Fazbears Pizza" (version similar to the game, five nights at freddy). Where are the ashes of a human: Bob Rooney.

In case, they stumble again with something amazing, the murderer is member of The ABC1 Group. The suspects are robots: Neddy Fazbear, Mika Chicken and Bunny Bobby. And humans: Rosa Wolf and Helen Wooney.

At the end of the case, they discover that the murderer was Rosa Wolf, who was supported by Neddy, Mika and Bobby. The sentence was shutdown robots and 40 -years jail for Rosa.


Bob Rooney - "Bobo, the clown"
(Find in Neddy Fazbear Pizza, as ashes)

Killer and motives

Rosa, was threatened by the animatronic to kill the victim. Clown decides to take the pizzeria, and burned in the hall of the pizzeria.


  • Bobby Bunny (Animatronic)
  • Rosa Wolf (Student of Cooold City High)
  • Neddy Fazbear (Animatronic)
  • Helen Wooney (Victim's Girlfriend)
  • Mika Chicken (Animatronic)


  • Frank Knight
  • Amy Young

Crime Scenes

Pizza Parlor Pizza Parlor Kitchen Pizza Parlor Bonus
Cooold City High Rosa's Classroom City High Bonus
Cam 10 Cam 12 Cam 10 Bonus


The ABC1 Group Clown in Fire The Killer Police

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