Campbell Hills is a city where rich, poor, gangsters, mafia and mobsters murder cases occured. It's is also Season 1 of TraceyCyrus's series.  There is also a elite police called Campbell Hills Police Department, the main protaganist. 

The city of Campbell Hills featured five district around.


Chumash is the 1st district in Campbell Hills. It occured drug dealing and riots eventually.  Case #1- #11

Rockford Hills

​Rockford Hills is 2nd district in Campbell Hills. Where all rich citizens hang out. It has nightclubs, hotels and casino. Case #12 - Case #21


Grove is 3rd district in Campbell Hills. It's everyday rioting district. The Grove Families are beefing with 2 gangsters: Ballas and Vagos. Bad news is that the Grove is own by the Ballas. Case #22 - Case #31

El Quebrados

El Quebrados is 4th district in Campbell Hills. It's where all rmafia and mobsters from Mexico and Italy are beefing. One in a night there will be sounds of guns shootings down the street. It also got nightclubs, casinos and hotel. The mafia and the mobsters are also do drive-bys when they see each others. Case #32 - Case #41

Zancudo River

Zancudo River is 5th district in Campbell Hills and it is hidden. It's where all Spanish-amish type lives there. The Zancudo River Community dislikes the outsiders. They mock the outsiders by calling them devils and not good-type. They lives with no electricity and automobile. Case #42 - Case #56

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