"report of a crime. lots of ladies noticed finding a dead boy on arkustronde bank atm room. please investigate the crime scene"

-telephone announcement , opening the case.

burning money

the victim was winter fazbear , he was found sitting on the atm room window. the killer was christina veins , the bank secretary. as the police went to arrest her , she pointed a gun in her head the players partner , daniel fellow told her not to commit suicide.

victim-winter fazbear (banged by a microphone)

Murder weapon-microphone

Killer-Christina veins


arcombi hopper-ATM fixer


-the suspect works on the bank

christina veins-atm worker


-the suspect plays lego

-the suspect dances ballet

-the suspect hates cops.

-the suspect works on the bank

vesther Williams-drug addict


-the suspect hates cops

-the suspect plays lego

killers profile

-the killer plays lego , -the killer hates cops , the killer dances ballet , the suspect works on the bank

crime scenes

atm room-machine #1-ATM room bonus

yellow street-wine table-yellow street bonus

arcade-dance it arcade-arcade bonus


-vesther Williams May be a reference to vesther , a criminal case wiki admin.

-the crime scene dance it arcade maybe similar to just dance.

-winter fazbear may be a reference to freddy fazbear.

cases on welcoming

welcome to east city , blood in the water , burning money , happy death-day