Bridgeport Police Department or BPPD are the main characters in FUNSimmer's Criminal Case and the local police department of Bridgeport .


The player arrives at Bridgeport, only to be welcomed by chief Alice Marcos. The Chief assigns two partners:

Detective Gary Hayes (Lake Shore only), Alice Marcos and Detective Emma Rivers.

Personnel Age Position
Alice Marcos 34 Chief of Police (Detective*)
Player N/A Homicide Detective
Gary Hayes 32 Detective
Emma Rivers 21 Detective
Adrian Perez 37 Chief Medical Examiner(Coroner)
Melia Hayes 22 Forensics Specialist
Carter Love 33 Tech Specialist
Elizabeth Mitchell 22 Profiler

*Due to plot twists, Alice Marcos is going to be a Detective for some Districts.

**Due to plot twists Gary Hayes will appear, but won't be a Partner in Cases. (This is cancelled due to plot twist changes)

Citizens Apprehended

Lora Dallas (26th November 2014-26th November 2039) Jina Goss (7th April 2015- 7th April 2040) Candy Mae (6th February 2016- 6th February 2036) Phineas Rattlesnake (7th February 2016- 7th February 2066) Tasha West (17th March 2016- Death)

Case Appearances:

As the main protagonists of the city, BPPD appears in every case

Member Facts:

  • Alice Marcos has been the Chief since she's been 28 years old.
  • Gary and Melia are siblings.
  • Gary and Melia have got a sister: Elizabeth Williams. She will appear in later cases and will be included in part of plots.
  • Emma is working as a detective for 2 years now.

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