Breeze Town Police Department is the Police Department you join and fight crimes.


Name/Age Position Appearances and Informations

Chief Ian, 39


Chief Ian is the chief in the Breeze Town Police Deparment. He always rests because he has a sprain on his leg. Chief appears in every cases.

Leni Sparks,25 Detective Leni Sparks is your partner, the first partner. She appears in every case and your partner everytime. She is the craziest person in this department.
Ann Liz, 30 Analyzer, Coroner Ann Liz is half Spanish and half American. Ann Liuz is an analyzer and a coroner in this department. Despite she wants to be a judge, Chief Ian gave the rights to be an analyzer and a coroner because of its name, Ann Lize (analyze), then Ann Liz loved too.
Samuel Sparks, 38 Profiler

Samuel is Leni's older brother, and he is a cop since 1998. But he gave the chance for his sister to be the next cop. Samuel is definitely obedient and appears rarely in cases.

Debbie Lysann, 44 Forensics Expert Debbie is a master of chemistry, and loves science, so he likes to be in this position.
Bonnie Palm, 27 Tech Expert Bonnie likes technology. Bonnie is the second-to-the-youngest person in the department. Bonnie is a tech expert, and she appears in every cases.
Detective Detective Detective
Judge Jane Poise,38 Judge Jane Poise is the judge in Breeze Town. Jane is like a strict kite who is strict and flies like a bird. Jane is so kind in the outside and inside, but strict in the hall. Jane likes kittens. Jane is so intelligent that she has a relationship with Samuel Sparks.

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