The victim is Jayden arsan. He was found floating in the water with his blood. The killer was ariana arsan , the victims sister. ariana once had a fight because jayden has broke one of his fragile tiny house sets. jayden didint apologize or buy any replacement , either. so while jayden was walking around the village a van picked him up and the driver was ariana. she drived him to the anastacia baywalk , then when they came down , jayden said 'i think you are careless and poor!' causing ariana to get mad and shot him in the forhead. she carried jaydens body and dropped her in the water. she was sentenced 10 months in jail with no chance of parole.

victim-jayden arsan (found floating in bloody water)

Murder weapon-shot gun

killer-ariana arsan

killers profile

-the killer is below 23 , -the killers grandfather passed away , the killer uses deodorant


ariana arsan-victims sister


-the suspect uses deodorant

-the killers grandfather passed away

-the suspect is below 23

Arnold zonal-victims classmate


-the suspects grandfather passed away.

Argo Lomb-selfie blogger

Profile -the suspect uses deodorant

crime scenes

Baywater-sinking yacht-bay water bonus

Nice muscles gym-boxing ring-gym bonus

cases in welcoming

-Welcome to east city. Blood in the water , burning money , happy death-day