Big Rock is the first district of Campbell City and features Cases #1-5. This district features a desert, a large canyon, and a big city in the center of Big Rock.
Arsonists grafitti

The arsonists doing what they do best: graffiti

Big Rock has been destroyed by several arsonists who are later discovered to be potentially dangerous as they are part of an organization called The Soul Stealers. There is also a serial killer named "The Man Behind the Mask", who hasn't killed for 19 years.

Man bh the mask

"The Man Behind the Mask", a serial killer, returns after mysteriously disappearing for 19 years.

Welcome to Campbell City! Your first district is Big Rock which is the victim of graffiti artists and arsonists, who are members of "The Soul Stealers". We're also giving you the responsibility to unveil, or should I say unmask, a serial killer residing in this district known as The Man Behind the Mask. Can you put arsonists and killers behind bars in this district before all that remains is corpses and ashes?"



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