Beach Bay is the third district of the city of Veldin City and features Cases #21-30. This district features beautiful beaches,several bars, and a very large coast.


«One Man's Treasure», «The Hidden Butterfly» and «Once Upon A Crime» are the unsolved cases from the past years.

Beach Bay is dealing with the violent Speed-Racers community feud (Case #21,23, and 25), a anarchist group called «The Secrets» (Case #26,29 and 30) and also 3 Unsolved Cases are to be solved by the PD. All that is threatening the Surf Competicion.


The Internacion Surf Associacion!!

"Congratualions, you have saved the Industrial District from a serial killer and a WITCH!?I'm really proud of you.But now, you are at Beach Bay were the Street Racers Feud, a anarchist group and 3 Unsolved Cases are destroing the district.All of this is Threatening the Surf Competicion to start.So let see if you handle this. "


CASE 21-0

Case #21 - After Hours!

Case 23

Case #23 - The Missing Bullet!

Case 22

Case #22 - One Man's Treasure!

Case 24

Case #24 - Food To Die For!

Case 26

Case #26 - Cops & Robbers

Case 27

Case #27 - The Hidden Butterlfy!

Case 29

Case #29 - Death Gone Crazy!

Case 28

Case #28 - Once Upon a Crime!

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