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Alan Smith: Welcome to the Commercial Area, <Name>! There are plenty of shops, markets and everything here!
Alan Smith: It's not the best this city has, but it's more than the Countryside.
Alan Smith: Let's go straight to point now. There's a murder, or at least we think that. A French baker found a liver in her bakery.
Evan: A human liver?
Alan Smith: You'll see. Now go and try to solve this!

Chapter 1

Investigate Bakery
Evan: There was a liver in the bakery, after all... Take it to Sabrina, and we'll see what we learn.
Evan: I'd like to get some fingerprints from this rolling pin, see if someone else works here apart from the baker.
Evan: And talking about the baker, she's over there. Let's interrogate her.

Analyze Liver
Sabrina: Well, I see you've got a special murder this time. Your victim was disarmed!
Sabrina: The liver was a human liver, in fact. It came from a young man, I'm sure about that.
Sabrina: I found flour in the liver, the one which is used in bakeries.
Evan: <Name>, the bakery's counter was clean, so the flour didn't come from there.
Sabrina: No, it came from the killer!

Examine Rolling pin
Evan: Excellent! Now we should give this to Lindsey, to add another suspect to our list.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: These prints belong to a French man, Clèment Ouleaunge. Does it ring a bell?
Evan: <Name>, this man is obviously related to Ivonne. Let's talk to him.

Speak to Clèment
Clèment: A human liver in my wife's bakery? Are you calling Ivonne assasin?
Evan: We don't know if it's Ivonne or if it's you, but someone killed a human being.
Clèment: I see, but Ivonne is sweet and kind, not dark and evil. She can't have done a thing like that.
Clèment: Look, I help her baking stuff, but I've never seen human parts there. Someone is playing tricks on me.

Get the baker talking about the liver
Evan: So, your name is...
Ivonne: Ivonne Ouleaunge. I'm French.
Evan: Do you know who that liver might belong to?
Ivonne: No idea. I just came here, like I do everyday. I was about to start baking my Gazettes, a bread only I know how to cook.
Ivonne: Then I noticed there was a liver in the counter. I thought Cecil had brought it, but it looked terrifying.
Evan: Which Cecil?
Ivonne: Cecil Ister, the butcher. His shop is next door.

Ask the butcher if he left the liver in the bakery
Cecil: A liver? No, I didn't give any liver to Ivonne. She never asked for one.
Evan: Well, if you don't have anything to say, <Rank> <Name> and I will take a look at your shop.

Investigate Butchery
Evan: This bag is full of raw meat, <Name>. Let's see if the killer left more insides here.

Examine Bag
Evan: Kidneys? I mean, one kidney? This doesn't look like a cow's one. Let's send it to Sabrina.

Analyze Kidney
Sabrina: This turns out to be a human kidney too, but it's not the only thing I've got to say.
Sabrina: It belongs to the same person whose liver was taken out!
Evan: So Cecil has parts of our victim!
Sabrina: And that's not all. I found some blood which is your killer's blood. I can say their blood type is AB+!

Interrogate Cecil about the kidney
Evan: You can stop lying, Mr Ister. We found one of our victim's kidneys in your butchery. Surprised?
Cecil: Yes! Of course, because I'm not your culprit. I must have got confused, and thought it was an animal's.
Evan: Then where did you get that kidney?
Cecil: I sell floured kidneys, maybe that one came from the-
Evan: Stop it, Cecil. We don't want to hear it anymore.

Chapter 2

Evan: I can't believe it. Cases in this district are very different from the Countryside's ones.
Evan: We have a liver, a kidney, two bakers, a butcher, and we don't know who our victim is.
Evan: What do you say we go to the Ouleaunge's home? They must have left a big lead there.

Investigate The Ouleaunge's House
Evan: "Ivonne's Gazettes! Wait... Ivonne told us Gazettes were some breads she, and only she, cooked. But why would she do leaflets of them?
Evan: Oh, and this scalpel could be our murder weapon, don't you think?
Evan: Hey you! Police of Townville!

Analyze Scalpel
Daniel: Congratulations, <Name>! This scalpel is your murder weapon in fact.
Daniel: It was hard to know it without a body, but I managed to take some DNA samples from the edge of the scalpel.
Daniel: They matched the liver you'd found before!
Daniel: Scalpels are odd. Your killer must be a surgeon or something like that.

See who the girl is
Evan: Who are you, girl?
Lèa: Lèa Ouleaunge, pleased to meet you. What are you doing in my house? I mean, if I can know.
Evan: Are you Ivonne and Clèment's daughter?
Lèa: Yes. Now, please tell me-
Evan: You only answer questions. You don't ask them. Right?
Evan: Why did Ivonne make leaflets for her Gazettes?
Lèa: She invented Gazettes last week. She wanted everyone to know it, so she made those.
Evan: Do you know Cecil Ister?
Lèa: Oh, yes. He's Quinn's husband, isn't he? Quinn's very nice, she's mom's friend.

Talk to Quinn Ister
Quinn: A murder? Are the Ouleaunges involved in a crime? I don't believe it.
Quinn: And Cecil? Wait, MY Cecil?
Evan: Yes. Calm down, Mrs Ister. Do you work with Cecil?
Quinn: No, I'm a surgeon.
Evan: A surgeon... Well, now <Rank> <Name> will investigate this butchery again.

Investigate Butchery counter
Evan: Well, if these two things belong to our victim, the body will be headless!
Evan: The killer left the head here. Let's take these two to the lab.

Analyze Brain
Sabrina: Other part to analyze... I see your killer is completely banans!
Sabrina: This brain is your victim's. And you're lucky your killer left saliva on it, because now we know they have brown eyes.
Evan: Great! Thank you, Sabrina.

Analyze Skull
Sabrina: Face muscles have a unique arrangement with the skull, so that and the bone cells helped me do an identikit of the victim.
Sabrina: Lindsey helped me run the model through our database, and now we know who your victim is!
Sabrina: His name is Stephen Xaint!
Evan: Perfect! Now, with our victim's identity, we have to ask all of our suspects about him.

Ask Ivonne about the victim
Ivonne: Did I found Stephen's liver in my bakery? Oh, this is tragic!
Ivonne: Stephen lived by the zone, and he often came to this shop. He always stayed and talked to me. Clèment didn't like him, he was jealous.
Ivonne: He came to the shop and... acted like a ladykiller. He was ridiculous, but lovely.

Talk to Clèment about Stephen
Clèment: Is Stephen dead? Oh, I knew it would happen. Someone would get tired of him.
Evan: What do you mean? Did you know him?
Clèment: I'm a lecturer at University. I teach surgery. I met him there, and then I saw he came to the bakery very often.
Clèment: He wanted to take my wife away from me, d'you understand?
Evan: Yes, we do. And what you said doesn't make you look absolutely innocent.

See if Cecil Ister knew the victim
Cecil: What? Stephen was murdered? I can't believe it!
Cecil: Clèment introduced him to me when we went to a surgery convention at University with Quinn. Ever since, that stupid stalked Quinn everyday.
Evan: And the fact that his kidney, skull and brain were found in your place of work is bad for you, isn't it?
Cecil: Think what you will. This district is free of that scum now, and it's great.

Interrogate Lèa about the victim
Lèa: Oh, no! Why Stephen? Why?
Evan: Don't cry, Lèa. Tell us everything you know about him.
Lèa: I help mom with the bakery, the dough and those things. I knew all of our regular customers.
Lèa: Stephen was nice, and a good man. Dad didn't like him, but... I loved him.

Speak of Stephen to Quinn
Quinn: You won't get me talking about him. He's dead and that's all. My opinion doesn't mind.
Evan: Did you like him?
Quinn: He stalked me! How could I like a pervert?

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: Have you found that crazy ripper yet? I didn't hear any news about an arrest.
Evan: No, Chief. And to be honest, we're far from it. We didn't even find the victim's body.
Alan Smith: What? How can you investigate a murder without a corpse? <Rank> <Name> is doing miracles, and you just look at your partner?
Alan Smith: Come back to the bakery and get everything you can from there.

Investigate Baking ovens
Evan: Well, it looks like the Chief was right! The body was really in the bakery.
Evan: Stephen looks scorched, poor him. Let's send him to the lab.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: This is the lightest body I've ever seen. I mean, even the head is missing! Many of his insides were not here.
Daniel: Your killer did sharp cuts, knowing perfectly how to perform this murder. I saw some of the samples you'd collected and the killer even removed the face from the skull.
Daniel: This confirms what I told you about the scalpel. Your killer has knowledge in surgery!
Evan: We already know that one! So we have to keep a close eye on Quinn, Clèment and Cecil.
Daniel: There's another thing. Stephen's stomach was cut, and wasn't connected to the rest of the body.
Daniel: The killer must have wanted to remove it, and put this paper in it.
Evan: Thanks! This paper...
Evan: Oh, <Name>. Can you restore it? It's torn up.

Examine Torn paper
Evan: This is one of the leaflets for the Gazettes! What does that bread have to do with Stephen?
Evan: I know who will tell us. Ivonne.

Ask Ivonne about the Gazettes
Evan: We know the Gazettes are involved in this murder. What did Stephen have to do with them?
Ivonne: Well, Stephen also was a cook. The Gazettes were his idea, but I never told Clèment, because he would be jealous! It was risky.
Evan: Mrs Ouleaunge, we don't like to stash, but we found the murder weapon in your house. Or you, or Clèment.
Ivonne: My husband? He's not capable of doing this gruesome crime!
Evan: Will you tell us it was Lèa?
Ivonne: Oh, I'll tell you. Cecil Ister came to my house and carried a big bag. He surely left things there!

Quiz Cecil about the Ouleaunge's house
Cecil: A big bag? That woman is lying! I never carried any bag.
Evan: But you DID go there.
Cecil: Of course I went to Clèment's house. But I swear I didn't take anything with me.
Evan: We'll have to go there and see it ourselves. Let's go, <Name>.

Investigate Living room
Evan: This box is full of things, but I know you'll manage to find something here.

Examine Box
Evan: I don't need to wonder whose this is, this lung is Stephen's. I'm sure!
Evan: Look, it's sewn! I hate to put my hands into it, but... I think I found a thing.
Evan: This is a paper, but I can't read it. We must brush it a bit.

Examine Paper
Evan: "C'est fini". Is that all? What does this mean?
Evan: Oh, yes! It means "It's over" in French! And I don't know what the killer wanted to say, but we can be sure they speak French! Let's do an arrest now, to our French family.

Arrest killer
Evan: Clèment, are you here?
Clèment (disguised): Me? What you want, sir.
Evan: AHHH! You... you have Stephen's face, you monster! Why not leave it in its place? You... are under arrest.
Evan: Why did you kill him? Was he going to take Ivonne and Lèa away from you?
Clèment: Away from me? He couldn't even get himself away from Ivonne! I was tired of him, and could only kill him. I was told the Gazettes were Stephen's idea, I got fed up!
Evan: But you gutted him! And also left papers in his lung and his stomach.
Clèment: You only found two? Well, I must be a genius to hide them so well.
Clèment: I planned to deliver the stomach to the police station, but when I was "working", my wife came in and I had to put my masterpiece in an oven.
Clèment: The Gazettes leaflet would take you to the bakery, where you'd find a liver with a photo of Cecil.
Clèment: Then you'd go to the butchery, and see the brain, with a photo of the brain itself, and a kidney with one of Lèa.
Clèment: So you'd go home and I'd tell you "C'est fini". But no fini, you got me.

Esteban Gonzalez: I remember the time when the Commercial Area was nice and quiet. You, Mr Ouleaunge have terribly shown the Court one of the most despicable crimes we've ever seen.
Clèment: Don't give me so much importance, your Honor.
Esteban Gonzalez: You are insane, and thereby this Court condemns you to life in shared confinement in a psychiatric institution.
Esteban Gonzalez: Session is adjourned!
Lèa: Nooo! DAAD! Don't leave me!

Evan: <Name>, I'm starting to feel the Countryside is better for ours. That man showed us what's coming next, and I won't like it.
Evan: This crime was definitely horrible, I think I'll have to go for a bit of fresh air, or relax in my apartment.
Evan: D'ya like beer? We could have some, and then I'll need an upholsterer for my broken sofa!

Additional Investigation

Evan: Oh, I'm really hungry, <Name>! I could eat a... a... anything! We could... yes! Try those Gazettes, let's ask Ivonne for two.
Evan: And I don't believe one Gazette will satisfy me. We could try Lèa's cooking abilities.
Gino: <Name>, someone dennounced Cecil Ister for selling spoiled meat. The Chief wants the shop closed down.

Evan: So we won't have a barbecue then... Let's see that man.

Buy a Gazette from Ivonne
Evan: Nice to see you, Ivonne! <Rank> <Name> and I were wondering if we could taste those Gazettes, can we?
Ivonne: Let me see if I still have...
Evam: Still? What do you mean?
Ivonne: Since Stephen died, I'm depressed and I can't get to cook. I don't think I'll work tomorrow.
Ivonne: If you like challenges, you can try to find where Stephen wrote down his recipes and then ask Lèa to prepair a bit of bread.
Evan: We wouldn't like to bother your child, but I'd love to see what other things Mr Xaint had in mind.

Investigate The Ouleaunge's House
Evan: This handbag must be Ivonne's. Some of the recipes are surely here! Let's look through it.

Examine Handbag
Evan: A flash drive! I'm sure the recipes Stephen created are here! I can feel it.
Evan: Let's go to the lab to analyze it!

Evan: Lindsey! Lindsey! Are you here?
Evan: Oh, we'll have to do it ourselves. But I haven't made friends with computing yet. Don't laugh at me!
Evan: Oh, so it's locked. You could hack a hacker, <Name>! I'm sure about that!

Examine Lindsey's computer
Evan: Marvelous, as ever! Now... where does this thing go in this big thing?
Evan: You weren't here, so we had to... look for the Gazettes recipe.
Lindsey: I'd gone out for a while. But give that to me and I'll see what it has.

Analyze Flash drive
Lindsey: Well, I DID find the Gazettes recipe. It's cereal bread with cranberry jam and ground cinnamon. Tasty, hum? And I saw Stephen chose the name Gazette because the idea came to him while reading the newspaper.
Lindsey: But I also found thousands of other recipes! Pumpernickel, salt, dulce de leche, cream, strawberry, and lots of things!
Evan: So now I'll be able to cook Gazettes! Now we should give this to Ivonne. I want to taste the other recipes!

Show the recipes to Ivonne
Evan: We won, Mrs Ouleaunge! Now we know how to cook Gazettes, and we found millions of other recipes. I bet they're delicious too.
Ivonne: Awesome! I can't give you Gazettes, but at least use this when you cook them.

Ask Lèa for some food
Evan: Hello, Lèa. We came to see if you were alright, and... to see how well you cook.
Lèa: My first customers! I've always wanted to cook for someone, but... I lost my spoon. I have to use it to do the dough.
Lèa: I have my fork, spatula, and everything. But the spoon got missing.
Evan: We'll take a look at the spatula, and then deduce where the spoon might be.

Examine Spatula
Evan: The grease you got from the spatula looks very interesting! Let's give it to Sabrina.

Analyze Grease
Sabrina: The grease you collected came from raw pork. Are you sure it was in a spatula?
Evan: Yes. But where do we have raw pork?
Evan: Oh, right! In the butchery! But why was this spatula in Cecil's place? We should go there and see.

Investigate Butchery counter
Evan: If Lèa's spoon isn't here, you'll have failed for first time. Let's find it!

Examine Carton box
Evan: Stab me if this isn't a wooden spoon! It WAS in the box, <Name>. Let Lèa have it back.

Give Lèa her spoon back
Evan: Here you are, little girl. Your spoon is safe and in normal conditions.
Lèa: Thanks! It was in the butchery, right? I'd lent it to Cecil once, and that madman didn't give it back to me.
Lèa: I'll give you this as a reward for your time.

Close down the butchery
Cecil: I don't sell spoiled meat! I control all the goods I have, and they're not in bad conditions.
Evan: We don't care, we need to investigate your butchery!
Cecil: D'ya think I'll let you pass? You won't enter here.
Evan: So you think we need your butchery to shut you up? <Rank> <Name> is going to close this down.
Evan: <Name>, what if we check Ivonne's shopping? She must have bought meat here.

Investigate Bakery
Evan: We're lucky that woman left her shopping here! Cecil's meat should be in this bag.
Evan: Are you ready to search through it?

Examine Shopping bag
Evan: Is this steak? Yes, I think it is.
Evan: Let's take a sample and see if there's bacteria, or anything like that.

Examine Steak
Evan: What's this thing? We should let Sabrina analyze it, but I'm sure Cecil won't keep selling meat.

Analyze Unknown substance
Sabrina: So I left the substance in a glass to analyze it better...
Sabrina: And it started growing! What you gave me is a living creature, specifically a type of fungus, which is toxic to human beings.
Sabrina: If it was on food, I hope you didn't eat.
Evan: We didn't. But now that man will stop making people get sick!

Fine the butcher for selling spoiled meat
Evan: So we decided to give you the benefit of doubt and see if you were really selling spoiled meat.
Cecil: I told you!
Evan: Your butchery is closed down, Cecil. You have to pay a fine!
Cecil: Ha! I don't need this shop. I can get another in a better place.

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