airport is the first fan made case of as well as the first case of paradise city.

a foreigner was founded lifeless by the player In the paradise city national airport. The victims name vick almond his throat was slashed. The killer turns out to be makina arbandos , a school supplies store clerk. makina didint gave any reason why he killed. judge cindy sentenced makina 10 years in jail for the murder of Vick almond

Victim-vick almond


Killer-makina arbandos


johnny carter-knife shop clerk

profile:eats chips , Age 23 and up


mary erika-Vicks best froend

profile:eats chips


makina arbandos

profile:eats chips , age 23 and up , watches pretty beast

killers profile

The killer eats chips , the killer is age 23 and up , the killer watches pretty beast

crime scenes

airport runway-pile of clothes-airport runway bonus

knife shop-chandelier-knife shop bonus

party room-dance floor-party room bonus

cases on beach seaside

airport corpse , Deadly drummer , mall victim

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